Guide to some unusual restaurants and dining places

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A little guide to the strangest restaurants in the world, selected according to the geographic areas of the travel catalog. Unusual and evocative locations, characteristic dishes, far from our eating habits, refined or extravagant environments. This can be a perfect occasion to crown a honeymoon with a romantic meal. Or you may also choose to have fun discovering ancient gastronomic traditions in sought-after and bizarre settings. In San Francisco, lovers of good films will not forget to go to dinner at Foreign Cinema, a restaurant that is not content to serve an original and tasty cuisine, projecting old films in original version every evening on a big screen. Each table is equipped with its own speakers that can be turned on or off.

The “Divine Wine Bar” in Singapore

In Singapore, the Parkview hotel is dubbed the “Gotham Building” due to its delirious architecture, reminiscent of an ultra luxurious version of Batman’s aesthetics. Inside this excess of granite and Art Déco decorations, there is the Divine Wine Bar. Why “Divine”? Because the maids, with angel wings on their backs, rise up in the sky thanks to a rack system, to go and get some bottles at the top of a vertical cellar more than 15 meters high.

“Dans le noir” in Paris

Originally created in Paris, the surprising Dans le Noir restaurant has opened branches in London, New York, Barcelona and St. Petersburg. The concept: to live the time of a dinner the experience of complete blindness, dining in absolute darkness, served by the blind.

The “Dinner Sky” in Brussels

Better not to have vertigo to appreciate a dinner at the Dinner in the Sky , in Brussels: you eat bridled to a chair on a table suspended from a crane 50 meters above the city.

The IthaaRangali Island in the Maldives

In the Maldives, IthaaRangali Island Restaurant is the only submarine restaurant in the world: dine under a glass dome amidst the aquatic life.

The “I Robot” in China

In Nanning, in the south of Guangxi, China, you can eat a whole meal cooked by Robot, at I Robot

The S’Bagger’s in Germany

At S’Bagger’s in Nuremberg, waiters have been automated: dishes (bio) are ordered from a magnetic terminal located on a table. The dishes are served directly from the kitchen by a track system that looks like a roller coaster.

The Eternitya in Ukraine

In Ukraine, at Truskavets, the Eternitya restaurant was created in a 65-meter long giant coffin. Amidst a decor of mortuary crowns, you can taste specialties with an evocative name such as “Let’s meet again in” Paradise “.

THE Calico Cat Café in Tokyo

In Tokyo, cat lovers will experience a very sweet experience at the Calico Cat Café. Many cats are made available to greedy customers; the direction also provides croquettes allowing attracting the cat to the table. Apart from these you can also check in order to get more information.